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Healthy spine

Keep Your Spine in Shape

Your spine is the backbone of your entire body – literally and figuratively. That means poor spine health can negatively impact you from head to toe. How can you keep your spine in shape? Let’s learn more about this critical anatomical structure and take a look at some of the simple strategies you can use

chiropractic for children

Can Chiropractic Help Your Child?

I’m often asked if children can receive chiropractic adjustments. Every patient, adult or child, is different, but the immediate answer to that question is yes, children can and often do receive chiropractic adjustments. From the time they are born, children suffer all sorts of “trauma” – from being pulled out of their mother’s womb to


Understanding Scoliosis: What Is It?

For most of us, our first association with scoliosis was in gym class at school. You had to bend over at the waist and a school nurse would run their fingers up and down your spine to see if there was a curvature. Hopefully, if they felt something off, you were referred to a doctor.

heels, back problems

Think Twice about Some of your Fashion Choices

Some of you may have seen the story on WVLT on Thursday that talked about women’s fashion choices leading to back pain. A study by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) found that 73 percent of women have suffered from back pain, and more than 28 percent of them are aware that their clothing affects their

herniated disc

How Chiropractic Can Help Herniated Discs

With the exception of the first two vertebrae in the neck, there is an intervertebral disc between each vertebra of the spine. Discs act as a shock absorber and a shock distributor, and provide flexibility. Imagine if you jump up and down. What would happen to the stack of bony vertebrae that make up the

Back pain from yard work

Stretch Before Yard Work

I noticed several of my neighbors were out mowing their yards in recent weeks. I also drove past a few other houses where neighbors were putting mulch around their yards. I am anticipating that we’ll soon be seeing some patients who say their backs hurt after doing yard. If you have been a relative couch


Visceral Manipulation Becoming More Common

I had the opportunity in February to attend a weekend seminar where the topic was visceral manipulation (VM). The viscera are the internal organs of the body, especially those contained within the abdominal and thoracic cavities, such as the liver, heart, and stomach. We are all aware of the pathological effect of immobility on the


Before you Reach for the Allergy Meds

Currently, the number of Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies is between 10 and 30 percent of the total population and is increasing steadily. For Americans who suffer from nasal and seasonal allergies, add up quickly. It is currently estimated that between doctor visits, prescriptions, and time missed from work, these allergies cost in excess


Take Care of Your One Body

What I am about to tell you won’t be news to you, but I hope that it will serve as an important reminder to some of you and a wake-up call to others. We only have one body. From infancy to the teenage years to adulthood – the same body year after year. Think of


Healing an Injury is About More than Resting

You suffered an injury recently – you pulled a muscle or twisted an ankle while out enjoying this unseasonably warm weather. You’re probably thinking you will just take it easy for a while, the injury will heal and you can be back hiking, walking, biking, etc. when spring arrives. Well, you are partially correct. It’s

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