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Healthy spine

Keep Your Spine in Shape

Your spine is the backbone of your entire body – literally and figuratively. That means poor spine health can negatively impact you from head to toe. How can you keep your spine in shape? Let’s learn more about this critical anatomical structure and take a look at some of the simple strategies you can use

Sinus pressure, sinus pain

Dealing with Sinus Issues?

Without fail, during the spring and fall I have more patients come in with complaints of sinus and allergy issues. Some of them aren’t aware that chiropractic adjustments or dry needling can relieve the pain and pressure of sinus congestion or infections. Your sinuses consist of eight hollow spaces in the bones of the forehead,


Restoring your body to the way nature intended

Have you ever noticed the tagline for Homberg Chiropractic and Wellness? It’s Restoring Your Body to the Way Nature Intended. We treat everything from back and neck pain, to headaches, sinuses issues and general pain. But what it all comes down to is restoring your body to the way nature intended. Our brains and spinal


Kick Off with Pre-Hydrating

It’s football season – or as we know it around here ‘It’s Football Time in Tennessee.’ The end of football season might warrant bringing out the heavy coats, boots and gloves, but it’s not going to start out that way. For the first few Vols’ games, including the much-hyped Battle at Bristol, we’re going to



Many people have experienced a hangover at one time in their lives after enjoying a few too many adult beverages. You know the feeling – headache, exhaustion, nausea, lack of focus, etc. But do you know what hangovers do to our bodies? Alcohol directly irritates the stomach and intestines, causing inflammation of the stomach lining


Immune Boosters

We’ve seen a number of patients recently who are struggling with sinus issues or others who have to call to cancel and appointment because they are at home with a sick child. East Tennessee pollen + spreading germs = sickness! And don’t forget, flu season is right around the corner. The key is to keep

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Some people think that when a woman is pregnant, she should stop with regular chiropractic care, but this is not true. Chiropractors are trained to work with pregnant women, and some have additional training in pre-natal and post-natal care. When adjusting a pregnant woman, I will use techniques that avoid unneeded pressure on the abdomen.

How to Select the Right Mattress

We all know that eating right and exercising are keys to staying health, but just as important is getting a good night’s sleep. When our clothes wear out, we buy new ones. 
When the tires on the car need to be replaced, we replace them. But many people will sleep on the same mattress for

Bless You, and Here’s Some Elderberry

It’s “that time of year.” We’re in offices with coughing and sneezing co-workers, and kids are in classrooms with other students who have colds, flu, etc. So how do we avoid getting sick or once we are sick, how do we recover faster? Keep your immune system strong: Imagine your immune system as an army

Gluten is In More than Food

As many of you know, I avoid eating anything that contains gluten. Obviously, I avoid breads, cakes, cookies, pasta, etc., but gluten appears in more products that you would ever suspect. Did you know that gluten can be found in mayonnaise, salad dressings, and pizza sauce? But it’s also found in more than food! Recently

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