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A Headache is Never Normal

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Let me start by saying a headache is never normal. Often, new patients visit Homberg Chiropractic and during the initial interview they say they average one to two headaches a week!

Sometimes it’s easy to identify the cause of these headaches. Living in the allergy capital of the world, East Tennessee, we’ve all been subjected to the dreaded sinus headache. The pressure throughout our sinus regions can often be relieved with a swipe of peppermint oil, or with one of the peppermint sticks we sell at Homberg Chiropractic. Peppermint has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe the mucus membranes, and the menthol scent provides relief from the sinus pressure and pain.

However, sometimes the cause of headaches is not as easy to identify and we need to investigate further. We see everything from tension headaches to migraines, and can treat the majority of them at the office through chiropractic adjustment, the use of the cold laser and the stimulation of acupressure points. Remember, just as when our car is out of alignment, it can create all kinds of problems in the vehicle, when our spine is out of alignment everything surrounding the spine is not functioning normally.

Another common cause of headaches is what we put in our bodies. By avoiding irritants such as gluten, dairy and artificial sweeteners (Equal, Splenda, etc.), we can reduce our chances of headaches. The common food additive MSG also is an irritant that can lead to headaches.

Remember, a headache is never normal!


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