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A Morning Stretch Routine

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Many people have hectic morning routines – getting kids ready for school, getting ready for work, trying to make breakfast, etc. Therefore, trying to fit in exercise can be quite the challenge. But if you can fit in a morning stretch, take just a few extra minutes, it can benefit you more than you know.

As we’ve become a society of office workers, our postures have suffered. By fitting stretches into our morning routine, we can help stretch the muscles that are going to be sitting at a desk all day. Making these muscles more flexible can help improve the posture.

A lot of us also suffer from aches and pains in the morning after a long period of stillness during sleep. Fluid can collect in our joints and spinal discs when we are lying horizontally.

  • As soon as you awaken, when you are still lying in bed, stretch your arms above your head and stretch your legs toward the foot of the bed.
  • While still lying in the bed with both legs stretched out, pull one knee toward your chest to feel the stretch in your lower back. Then stretch that leg out and alternate to the other knee
  • Sit up slowly, cross your legs and reach your arms toward the ceiling.
  • Continuing in a seated position with your legs crossed, slowly drop your chin toward your chest. Then slowly roll your right ear toward your right shoulder and hold for several seconds, then slowly roll back through center and roll your left ear toward your left shoulder.
  • Following that, you can stand and reach down toward your toes to stretch your low back and quadriceps.

You can continue stretches in the shower by doing the ear to shoulder stretch again on both sides, allowing your muscles to loosen with the benefit of the moist heat from the shower. As with any time you are exercising (stretching included) don’t push it. Your body knows its limits. While you might want to touch your toes, don’t push yourself to do it. Bend down only as far as your body will let you, bending your knees if you have to.

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