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As Temperatures Rise, So Should Your Water Consumption

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I had the opportunity to attend a country music festival this past weekend in Ohio and had a blast. I knew going into both days that it would be hot and the seats were directly in the sun for about an hour so I pre-hydrated! As I watched many of the festival-goers down beer after beer, I had to think how they would feel as the evening went on and especially the next day! I pre-hydrated and drank several waters as the evening went on and I still had cramps in my legs during the night.

If you know you are going to be out in hot weather, it’s important to drink as much water as possible beforehand. If you haven’t pre-hydrated, it’s almost too late to try to make up for it while you are out in the sun.

Busy lifestyles and processed foods and beverages cause nearly all of us to become chronically deprived of water and susceptible to the dangers of dehydration. Although they are not the only organs affected by lack of water, the brain and eyes are especially vulnerable to the following conditions:
• Obstruction of blood supply to the eyes
• Swelling of the eyes
• Impaired vision
• Shrinking of the cornea
• Decreased brain volume
• Increased energy consumption in the brain
• Impaired mental function and fatigue.

When deprived of water, cells shrink and fail to transport nutrients, use energy, grow, divide, replicate DNA, or communicate with each other. Fortunately, drinking filtered and non-fluoridated water can prevent and reverse these problems.

Studies using MRI scans have demonstrated that the brain shrinks when it becomes dehydrated. Like most cells, neurons consist of more than 70 percent water. When water content diminishes, axons and dendrites shrivel and become smaller in diameter, making it more difficult for signals to pass through them. As a result, the brain needs to consume more energy to move signals between cells, which leads to constant tiredness and mental fatigue.

Specifically, this condition causes the following:
• Inability to plan
• Bad mood
• Lower concentration
• Headaches

When hydrating, it’s also important to pay attention to where your water comes from. Studies have shown that tap water can contain more than 700 chemical contaminants, including fluoride. The type of fluoride found in water is not the same as the fluoride found in bones and teeth (elemental fluoride). The fluoride sources in water are biohazards, and drinking water contains as much as four times the toxic dose! There are a number of filter options that help remove these toxins.

As the temperatures continue to rise, make sure you are drinking enough water!

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