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Can Chiropractic Help Your Child?

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chiropractic for children

I’m often asked if children can receive chiropractic adjustments. Every patient, adult or child, is different, but the immediate answer to that question is yes, children can and often do receive chiropractic adjustments.

From the time they are born, children suffer all sorts of “trauma” – from being pulled out of their mother’s womb to falling when they learn to walk to bike wrecks or tree climbing accidents. All of these put stress on children’s growing bodies, and chiropractic treatment help keep their spines and nervous systems functioning optimally.

When a child has been through trauma and the spine becomes misaligned, it needs to be corrected with safe and effective chiropractic adjustments. If the misalignment is not removed, it will continue to cause health challenges such as constipation, colic, bed wetting, ear infections, torticollis, fussiness, trouble sleeping and reflux. Later on in life it can create trouble with focus, behavior, mood, hyperactivity, digestion, asthma, allergies, headaches and sensory integration.

Here are just a few reasons to seek chiropractic care for your child:

• To promote proper growth and development.
• To allow a child’s nervous system and spine to grow properly and without interference in order to reduce ear infections, bed wetting, asthma and allergies.
• To improve a child’s immune system.
• To promote proper perception and awareness preventing labels such as ADHD, sensory integration disorder and other neurodevelopment disorders.

The health and happiness of your children is the most important thing. Chiropractic care has been proven to be safe and effective at improving the well-being and happiness of children. Just talk to other parents who have seen the benefits of chiropractic care. The positive results are endless.

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