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Neck Pain in Kids is Becoming More Common

It is becoming increasingly common that I see teenagers in the office who are suffering from neck pain. Upon reviewing x-rays of the patients, I see that the typical curve in the neck is reversing and their disks are resembling that of a person in their 70s! I realize keeping kids away from their phones

Heatstroke Prevention

We were blessed with a beautiful Fourth of July in East Tennessee, but unfortunately much warmer weather is on the way. But no matter how hot it is, it’s just too nice around here to stay inside, right? That’s why I want to focus on the dangers of heatstroke. Heat exhaustion and heatstroke occur when

Can Chiropractic Help with Pain in My Feet?

Who hasn’t complained of achy feet in his or her lifetime? We cram our feet into shoes that are sometimes too small (and don’t even get me started on high heels), and some of us are on our feet all day with our jobs. Therefore, those two appendages are supporting the weight of our bodies

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