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Chiropractic Biophysics

Chiropractic Biophysics Aim is to eliminate the underlying cause of your pain, condition

Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) is the most researched and revolutionary chiropractic technique. It has successfully produced exceptional outcomes for patients across the globe. CBP is a highly sophisticated technique in which the chiropractor focuses on not only spinal rehabilitation and posture adjustments, but the underlying condition and dysfunction of the spine as well. This advanced technique is backed by plenty of scientific research, which proved its effectiveness.

What is meant by Chiropractic Biophysics?

Chiropractic Biophysics, also known as the Clinical Biomechanics of the Posture, is a straight chiropractic variation (subluxation-based). The overall goal of this technique is to correct and restore your healthy posture. The founders of this technique sponsor the seminars in which this technique is taught to the chiropractors.

In the CBP correction technique, the target is your overall posture improvement or spinal column global positioning contrary to the adjustments of individual segments. A Harrison Spinal Model is used in CBP to achieve the optimal static position of your straight spine. Any postural deviation observed from this standard mathematical norm is considered a subluxation.

At Homberg Chiropractic and Wellness, our expert chiropractor is trained and experienced in performing the advanced CBP technique. We not only focus on the correction of your posture, but also your curvature. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your structural and postural problems through X-rays, imaging, and physical examination. Through our detailed analysis, we identify the root cause of your pain and underlying physical condition. Our specialist, Dr. Hennie, has used CBP technique to treat numerous complicated cases such as migraine headaches with neck pain and lower back pain, successfully.

The Goals of CBP Care

The primary goal of CBP technique is to achieve optimal postural and spinal alignment, which ultimately causes improvements in functional outcomes and pain. The CBP treatment is unique because it results in the structural rehabilitation of both spine and posture. However, the general goals of this treatment are the following:

  • Improvement in standard front and side posture

To achieve this, the head, rib cage, and pelvis are aligned vertically in the front and side views.

  • Normal alignment of the spine
    • The improvements in the front view are achieved through vertical spinal alignment.
    • The improvements in the side view are achieved through Harrison Ideal or Average Spinal Model
  • Normal functioning of the body
    • Improving the body’s motion range and movement quality
    • Improving the strength of muscle
  • Improvement in health and symptom
    • Index of Neck disability
    • Oswestry index of lower back
    • SF 36 or Health Status Questionnaire

Some Features of CBP

  • CBP has extensive clinical research to back its efficacy. It is a clinically proven effective treatment for all spinal conditions for all age groups.
  • The CBP specialist suggests exercises that you can easily perform at home and in the workplace. In addition, proper use of specialized tools and devices is necessary to facilitate healing.
  • It helps with effective corrections of spine and posture.
  • CBP is all about the correction of the underlying problem, not only relieving symptoms.

Why Choose CBP for Pain Relief and Adjustments at Homberg Chiropractic and Wellness?

CBP is a peer-reviewed, research-proven, and highly effective technique in chiropractic that provides long-lasting relief from pain and other conditions. This technique combines traction and chiropractic adjustments with specific exercises and targeted stretching.

Our Approach toward Treatment

At Homberg Chiropractic and Wellness, we conduct a thorough examination of your condition to locate the root cause of your problems. We do not rush the examination procedure as the correct identification of the problems is necessary to create an optimally effective treatment plan.

Our expert chiropractic creates a customized treatment plan just for you according to the examination of your unique spinal shape. Through this combination treatment plan, measurable changes in your spine are produced.

We also prescribe exercises for strengthening and stabilization of your spine to maintain the effects of the treatment in the long-run. However, the results of the treatment vary from individual to individual, depending on various factors.

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