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Chiropractic Equipment

This area will highlight some of the equipment we use for different types of treatments.

Power Vibe Pro I

The PowerVibe Motion I uses oscillating vibration for maximum core strengthening and fat loss. The Motion I is constructed with an all steel frame. Wheels on the back make the WBV machine easy to move. The easy to use controls let you focus on increasing mobility and strength.

Power Vibe Pro I

Power Vibe Pro II

The PowerVibe Pro II uses vertical vibration for maximum muscle toning, lymph drainage, and flexibility. The Pro II is constructed with an all steel frame and high-grade ABS outter shell. Wheels on the back make the WBV machine easy to move. The easy to use controls let you focus on gaining strength and flexibility.

Power Vibe Pro II

Cold Laser Therapy

What is cold laser?

Cold laser is a therapeutic laser that does not generate heat.

Cold Laser Therapy

How is laser different then light therapy? Light therapy has its applications but is only a superficial stimulator. Cold laser has been shown to penetrate over 1.5 inches at .5 watts and much deeper at higher wattage.

How does cold laser help heal? Essentially every cell in the body has a photo receptor. Various types of cells such as nerve cells are stimulated at certain frequencies. Hemoglobin-the iron portion of blood also has a photo receptor. By stimulating the photo receptors we can increase the healing activity, reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

What are the contraindications to laser? Seizures, pregnancy?(there are no known studies with pregnant women) and 3rd degree burns.

Is it safe? There have been over 500,000 people stimulated in various studies and no adverse events have ever been reported.

Why doesn’t the medical field use them? Well they have finally caught on and several P.T’s have started using them.

Is it covered by insurance? Not directly but if we use it during rehabilitative exercise the rehab is covered.

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