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Dr. Craig Hennie

My story . . .

Dr. Craig Hennie, ChiropractorIn 1994 I was involved in a fairly serious car accident.  As time and treatment went by, I was unable to obtain relief from a constant, chronic headache.  I had MRIs, CT scans, x-rays, EMGs and no one could pinpoint the cause.  I had chiropractic care post-accident which was very beneficial, but did not resolve the headaches.  I went to a few physical therapists with no improvement.

Around Christmas two and a half years later I ran into a family friend who was a semi-retired chiropractor.  He saw the pain on my face and asked me what was wrong.  I told him my story and he invited me into his office.  I told him, “but I already tried Chiropractic.”  His response was, “You have tried one Chiropractor, how many MDs have you been too?”  So with some reluctance, I made an appointment.

I walked into his office with 3 inches of reports, x-rays and MRIs.  He asked me if anyone had taken any x-rays while I was standing.  The answer was no and he took some films.

He called me into his office and started explaining things to me, at which point I said, “can you fix this or not?”  I was tired of people’s opinions, etc., after all I had been told by every type of “ologist” I could see what was wrong, but no one could fix me.

Dr. Hank Schiedt adjusted my neck and for 20 minutes I was headache free for the first time in 2.5 years.  After a series of treatments, I was headache free.  I was back!

His practice partner, Dr. Stancil, saw how intrigued I was with my care and began to not so subtly suggest I become a chiropractor.  After much discussion I decided that helping people return to normal or as close to normal as we can get them is my life’s calling.  I finished my prerequisites and entered Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, Mo.

More than 10 years in private practice and I can still say my favorite part of each day is hearing people’s stories about their life and health returning to normal.

—- Dr. Craig Hennie

Training, Experience, & Awards

  • Board Qualified for Acupuncture
  • Board Qualified Certified Medical Examiner (CME)
  • Completed International Academy of Medical Acupuncture Programand Acupractice Program
  • Mastery Series Completion of Non-Spinal Disorders (Extremity-ankle,feet, shoulder, knees hips wrist etc.)
  • Recipient of Hawk Award (diagnosing a life threatening condition others had missed)
  • Clinical Service Award, Clinical Excellence Award, Bones Award-First and Only Student Doctor to ever receive all 3 awards
  • Completed Cold Laser Training
  • Kinesio Tape Trained
  • Basic and Advanced Training Completed in the Whiplash Certification Program at the San Diego Spine Institute
  • Graduated From Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City Mo 2002
  • First President of the Chiropractic Biophysics Club
  • Have worked Professional Athletes from football to hockey to track, Olympic Athletes, College Athletes
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