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How to Select the Right Mattress

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We all know that eating right and exercising are keys to staying health, but just as important is getting a good night’s sleep. When our clothes wear out, we buy new ones. 
When the tires on the car need to be replaced, we replace them. But many people will sleep on the same mattress for years without even thinking that just might need to be discarded. If you wake up feeling as if you never slept or if you are stiff and sore in the morning – then you probably need a new mattress.

So, what type of mattress is best for helping us get, ideally, eight hours of restful sleep? First and foremost, individual preference is probably the most important factor when choosing a mattress. After all, if you select a firm mattress, but you prefer a softer one, you are never going to be happy with it!

A firm mattress (not rock hard) is best for your spine. A mattress should provide support for your spine at all positions and keep your spine in the same position. In other words, it’s not a good thing if you are lying on your back, and your lower spine is resting in the sagging part of your mattress, while your upper spine is more elevated.

If you watch television, you’ve probably noticed all of the mattress commercials being shown, so you know the different types of mattresses available these days can be intimidating. When you go shopping for that new mattress, don’t be afraid to take it for a test drive. Take your shoes off, lie down on the mattress and even try it out in all of the different positions in which you sleep during the night (i.e. side, back, side with legs pulled up, etc.)

Remember, it’s not all about the mattress. If the box spring under your new mattress is 15 years old, it is not going to provide good support for the mattress.

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