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Your Initial Visit:

The first visit is the most important visit, and it often begins after the free consultation. Many times, this is the visit which will determine if chiropractic can help you. Information such as past medical history, family history, previous accidents falls or surgeries, and current medical history are discussed.

The exam itself has three parts:


The orthopedic part consists of various physical tests. Different muscle tests might be performed, and some specific stretches for the spine are performed.


The neurologic part of the first visit consists of checking the deep tendon reflexes. For example, checking the knee reflexes with a rubber-topped hammer, and skin sensitivity with what is called a pinwheel.


The Chiropractic part of the first visit consists of specific leg checks, which check the alignment of the hips or upper neck. Static and motion palpation of the spine is done, instrumentation of skin temperature is taken using a surface skin thermometer, which measures heat differences bilaterally. Visualization of the skin and how the spine moves is noted.

At the end of the first visit pictures of the spine may be indicated, if so, we usually take 2 views initially.

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