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Sports Injuries

Sports Injury ChiropractorHomberg Chiropractic uses a multitude of therapies including laser, e-stim, ultrasound, manual muscle release, vibration plates, adjustments of the spine (and any non-spinal joints that may be effected, as well) to treat sports injuries and help athletes recover quickly.

Obviously chiropractic care is a great benefit to help all athletes perform at their highest level. Elite level athletes have long known the value and benefit of sports chiropractic care. Some very notable athletes have spoken of how it has helped them stay on their game. Former Dallas Cowboy Emmitt Smith once credited the length of his career to a good chiropractor. Other notables include Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Carl Lewis, Sydney Crosby and the list goes on and on.

Doc Hennie has been fortunate enough to have worked on Olympic athletes, current and retired, professional hockey players, professional football players, college and high school athletes of various sports, ballroom dancers, modern dancers, ballet dancers, professional ice skaters, and cheerleaders of all levels for various injuries including, but not limited to injuries to the neck, shoulder, arms, ankles, knees, hips, back pain, and headaches.

The goals of sports chiropractors are to help the athlete recover from their sports injury and get the athlete to the highest level possible in the shortest time possible.

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