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Stay Healthy by Staying Hydrated

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It's just as important to stay hydrated in the winter.

With cold and flu season upon us, Homberg Chiropractic and Wellness – your Knoxville chiropractor – wants to help you stay healthy all winter. One tip to staying healthy this season is to make sure to stay hydrated.

I know, I talk about hydration in the spring, summer and fall. Well, it’s no less important in the cold months! Your body needs water to function properly. Water keeps you hydrated, regulates body temperature and is essential to the function of cells, tissues and organs. Cool, dry weather can lead to decreased thirst, causing you to drink less, therefore you need to make sure you are consuming enough water.

If the thought of drinking several glasses of ice-cold water while it’s cold outside gives you the shivers, try drinking room temperature water or even hot water with lemon, ginger or honey. Obviously drinking water is important, but did you know that even warm drinks like coffee and tea that contain water can also help to keep you hydrated?

Another reason to stay hydrated in the winter is the increased consumption of alcohol at holiday parties. Alcohol leads to dehydration. The first thing to remember is to not over-indulge, but also to remember to hydrate before the party and drink water before and after you’ve had a glass of wine. Those same parties also have plenty of heavy, probably salty, food, which can cause you to feel thirsty.

In the winter our homes tend to have much drier air due to using heaters to warm our space. Soothe dehydrated skin by using a humidifier in your home and help replenish some of the moisture in the air. Indoor houseplants can also release moisture into the air. Just remember plants will also need plenty of water in the dry, heated indoor air. Throughout the year, but especially in the winter, you need moisture to keep your nasal passages from drying out. Dry nasal passages lead to colds, sinus infections and other respiratory ailments. Using a humidifier and drinking lots of water can help keep your sinuses moist.

At Homberg Chiropractic and Wellness, we are always happy to talk to you further about hydration. Call today and let the office staff know you’d like to schedule time for a wellness consult in addition to your regular treatment!

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