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Take Your Mountain Bike

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Ah, vacation! You’ve waited, possibly a year, for this much-needed break from your work week routine and now it’s time to pack everything and head toward relaxation. You have your sunscreen, hat and everything you need including your bike. But wait…which bike is the best to take with you – your mountain bike or your road bike.

Answer: your mountain bike.

Chances are you are not going to be as familiar with the terrain in your temporary location as you are with the terrain on your normal bike ride. Whether you are in the mountains or at the beach, you are going to face areas that you might not normally see. Roads, especially those near the beach that are subjected to sand and saltwater, might be rougher and have more holes than what you are used to in East Tennessee.

In unfamiliar territory, you may also face fallen leaves and branches or slick trails from recent rainfall. Your mountain bike, with its sturdier, wider tires, is better equipped for these unknown routes than your road bike.

In addition to seeing patients for routine adjustments, I see more than my share of injuries from bicycle accidents. Not all accidents can be avoided, but you can take steps, such as what I mention above, to try to prevent them.

Enjoy your vacations and stay safe!


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