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Having come from a family who values what chiropractic care can offer, I have been going to see chiropractors for over 15 years. In fact my sister is a chiropractor. I have seen numerous chiropractors and I have to say that Dr. Craig Hennie is hands down the best. His dedication and the time he devotes to individual patients is a rarity. I’ve come to him with numerous sports related injuries, with one fairly serious lower back and pelvic injury. His vast knowledge and commitment to my healing lead to a speedy recovery, compared to other times I have had similar such injuries. I would, without hesitation, wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Hennie to anyone.

—- Marc W. Cadotte, Doctoral Student University of Tennessee

I have trusted Dr. Hennie with my health for almost 10 years. Dr. Hennie and the staff at Homberg Chiropractic are always helpful, courteous and professional. They take the time to listen to me in order to treat me with the best of care.

—- Susan Robertson

During my 10 years as Associate Professor for Clinical Studies at Cleveland Chiropractic College (Kansas City), I met and was part of the education process of thousands of fine men and women from around the world. Few distinguished themselves as did Dr. Craig Hennie.

When I first met Dr. Hennie, his demeanor and keen interest in understanding the most minute details of patient care made him a faculty favorite. As his time in the colleges’ outpatient clinic passed he showed himself to always be well-prepared for any eventuality of patient treatment. In fact, he demonstrated a hunger for knowledge well beyond that required. As I recall, Dr. Hennie was the founding president of a student organization that sought to delve far deeper into the understanding of how the human spine works and how it can be rehabilitated. Because of his commitment to excellence, he forged a trend in spinal diagnosis and rehabilitation that exists in the student bodies of Chiropractic Colleges across the USA.

It is easy to see that his persistently good-natured excellence continues to this day in all he does as a private practitioner. In my opinion, Dr. Hennie can be considered to be the ‘doctors doctor’.

—- Dr. Joseph T. Bowles – Current President & CEO – Stress Free Pain Relief – Austin, Texas

I first saw Doc Hennie about a year after having my son.  After seeing him *once* I could finally sit on a hard surface without pain, which had not happened since I’d given birth. Since that time, he has helped me numerous issues, like headaches, neck pain, feeling “twisted” (like my body wasn’t lined up right).  He also had helped my toddler son and husband.  I am deeply appreciative of all he’s done to help me and my family stay in optimal health!

—- H

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