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Tips for Managing Allergies

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We’ve heard reports about Knoxville being the allergy capital of the country. I, and I’m sure many of you, will attest to that. We are blessed with beautiful natural surroundings, however as all of the trees and flowers begin to bloom, we also are cursed with the allergens they emit.

Here are a few tips to battle environmental allergies, outside and inside:

  • Make sure your nervous system is healthy. Over-sensitivity may have a nerve system component and many people have seen their allergies improve while under chiropractic care.
  • Clean your house and keep the humidity below 50% to prevent the growth of mold. Replace air filters. Use natural cleaning products.
  • Eliminate common food allergens like wheat, mild and milk products, eggs and genetically-modified corn.
  • Probiotics are not only useful in improving digestion, they also boost your immune system and help control allergic reactions.
  • Vitamin C with flavonoids including quercetin have been found to help with the symptoms associated with common allergies.
  • Common sense. If you have hay fever or pollen allergies, exercising outside may not be smart and will likely be uncomfortable.


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