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What a Difference Two Pounds Can Make

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You’ve probably heard me talk before about how added weight on our bodies can affect our hips, ankles, knees, etc.; and the truth is, extra weight anywhere on our bodies can affect us.

I have a regular patient who, despite regular visits for maintenance, complained of neck, shoulder and upper back pain. In December, she had breast reduction surgery and the surgeon removed a total of 2.5 pounds. When she came in recently for an adjustment, I asked if she could tell a difference after her surgery. She said she can definitely tell a difference, and has not experienced the neck and shoulder pain she had before. She also told me she can see a big difference now when she practices yoga.

Our body structures are constructed to hold an ideal weight, give or take a few pounds. When that weight exceeds what the structure can hold, a number of problems can arise. Obviously, there is the added pressure on joints, such as knees, and we see the internal issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Excess weight can also lead to depression, sleep apnea, asthma and irregular menses in women.

Losing weight not only leads to better health, but you are also going to feel better; and it doesn’t have to be a significant amount. Just ask my patient what a difference 2.5 pounds made.

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