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Chiropractic and Migraines

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Chiropractic and Migraines

Headaches are common. Almost everyone has headaches occasionally. However, just because they are common does not imply that they are normal. Having headaches repeatedly is not okay for anyone. Experiencing headaches frequently is a symptom of headache disorder. There are several reasons for headaches. Migraine is one of the common headache disorders most people suffer through. Let us understand the different causes of headaches and see how chiropractic can help treat migraines.

Causes of Headache

It is often easy to identify and understand the causes of headaches. The causes of headaches can be as minor as a simple cold to serious cervical problems.

Allergies and Sinus

Living in the world capital of allergy, every one of us in East Tennessee goes through a terrible sinus headache. Peppermint oil is effective in relieving pressure throughout different areas of the sinuses. We, at Homberg Chiropractic, provide peppermint sticks for effectively treating sinus. Our peppermint sticks provide anti-inflammatory properties and methanol that sooth the mucous membrane and relieve the pressure and pain from sinus.

Diet and Headache

Our diet and the potential risk of headaches have a strong relationship that most of us do not consider. Eating too much or too little is also a common cause of headaches. Too much gluten, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives can also lead to frequent headaches. MSG is a common irritant in most packed foods, which can cause a headache.

On the other hand, skipping meals and consuming an unbalanced diet causes hypoglycemia, which also leads to headaches. Hypoglycemia, in simpler words, is the low-blood sugar level in the body with headache as a common symptom.

Poor Posture and Sedentary Lifestyle

Too much sitting, standing, and poor body posture can ultimately lead to frequent headaches too. Where too much physical activity and stress can cause body pain, too little physical activity and staying in the same position can have damaging effects too. Especially when you are spending most of your day sitting in front of the laptop or computer and leaning over the phone, there is too much strain on your neck and back muscles. This is likely to increases the chances of subluxations and a migraine.

Misalignment of Spine

There are cases where misalignment of the spine is the cause of headaches. The misalignment is treatable with spinal adjustment, therapy, and exercise. What most people do not know is that when the sinuses swell up, they put pressure on the teeth, causing pain in the jaws. Therefore, with misalignment, muscle contraction occurs, leading to spasm and pain in the area of spasms.

We treated many patients with backaches and headaches through chiropractic treatments, followed by other therapies and the necessary exercises.

Other Causes and Chiropractic Treatment

There are certain cases when it is not easy to understand the cause of headaches. We check the symptoms to identify the root cause. Physical stress and mental stress, although in different ways, both cause tension in the nerves and muscles, leading to backache and headache.

We treat most headache disorders through chiropractic treatments, especially those caused due to muscle tension and spine problems. We use cold laser and stimulation of acupressure points for effective chiropractic treatment.

Can Chiropractic Treatment Help Migraines

Migraines are also highly common, affecting at least one in every seven adults. Even some children are prone to getting a migraine after a stressful day. Women are thrice more prone to getting a migraine than men. The difference is mostly hormonally driven. Studies show that one in every three men and one in every two women suffer migraine regularly. Migraine is the most studied headache disorders than other types.

Migraine often comes with tightness, in the neck, and around the temples. Most of the migraines start in the neck region and gradually moves to the temple. Studies show that spinal adjustment or manipulation can immediately improve headache and can also provide long-lasting relief with less side effects than the other headache medications.

What is Chiropractic

Chiropractic treatments involve hands-on-spinal manipulation and other treatments for healing the pain, stiffness, and other spinal problems. The theory behind chiropractic treatment is the proper alignment of the body’s musculoskeletal system, especially the spine, for the body to heal without medication or surgery.

Chiropractic adjustment restores mobility to joints, restricted by any disorder or tissue injury caused by trauma like falling, or repetitive physical stress.

Can Chiropractic Treatment Help Migraines

Unlike what most people think, chiropractic is not only a treatment option to treat backache, neck, joints, and spine related problems. Often spinal problems lead to migraines and headaches, which chiropractic manipulation can effectively treat. There are several ways chiropractic adjustment works to treat migraines.

Chiropractic treatment ensures the correct alignment, and so restores the proper nervous system communication. This way, there is a decrease in the irritation in the nerves that send pain signals to the brain, causing you to experience the pain.

Hands-on spinal manipulation, combined with other therapies, reduce muscle tension, which is a common migraine trigger. Chiropractic treatment unlocks the body’s healing potential. It also strengthens the muscles supporting the spine and restores normal blood flow.

Chiropractic treatments not only help to reduce the severity of migraines, but regular chiropractic can help reduce the frequent occurrence of these migraines.

In addition to adjustment, we will also help you make some lifestyle changes so that you are free from headaches. Certain foods, lack of sleep and exercise, and poor habits increase the chances of getting a migraine. Stress, anxiety, and depression can also trigger a migraine. We, at Homberg Chiropractic, specialize in all the treatments that help relieve Migraines. Remember that headaches are not normal. Having frequent headaches indicates that you are facing serious problems regarding your body and health.

If you are having migraines, call to schedule your appointment at Homberg Chiropractic!

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