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Extremity Adjustments (non-spinal)

Non-surgical and effective extremity adjustments from a professional, experienced chiropractor

Adjustments offer a safe, non-surgical, and effective way to restore the natural motion and improve your overall health. The art and science of adjustments require professional skill along with years of experience.

At Homberg Chiropractic and Wellness, our skillful and experienced chiropractic provides you with highly effective and gentle extremity adjustment services. Through our expertise, we ensure the holistic well-being of our patients to revive their normal body functions and return them to a normal life without pain.

What are Extremity Adjustments (non-spinal)?

You might be aware of the spinal manipulation if you have visited the chiropractor for a treatment of particular conditions. In addition to spinal extremity adjustments, there are non-spinal extremity adjustments.

The non-spinal extremity adjustment involves the manipulation of your joints to promote their smooth movement. If you have had a shoulder or wrist freeze, you know the critical role this kind of manipulation can play in restoring the movement of your joints.

Why You Need Non-Spinal Adjustments?

When any of your joints lose motion, they begin to break down with time. Any joint of your body can be adjusted, from shoulders to elbows, wrists, legs, hands, ankles, knees, and even your jaw.

If your joint is troubling during its movement, is misaligned or fixated, our expert chiropractor will use the effective adjustment techniques to restore as well as enhance the functioning of that joint. This not only increases the life of your joint but minimizes the extent of wear and tear. With non-spinal extremity adjustments, the motion range of joints can be instantly improved, and the supply of nutrients to the joints can be increased.

Our Approach toward Non-Spinal Extremity Adjustments

Dr. Hennie, our specialist chiropractor, understands that a holistic approach is required for extremity adjustments. We adjust your affected joint and take into consideration your whole body system because your joint does not work in isolation. For instance, if a patient has a pain in the hip joint, he/she might have an issue in the shoulder, which is causing the hip pain. Usually, chiropractors and doctors focus on the pain-causing area, but at Homberg Chiropractic and Wellness, we also pay attention to other body areas that might be the real cause of joint pain. With our gentle adjustments, you receive more effective and longer-lasting results as compared to the traditional adjustments.

Signs and Symptoms of Non-Spinal Extremity Issues

  • Inflammation and pain in the joints of an extremity
  • Extremity joint weakness
  • Stiffness or rigidity in the joints of an extremity
  • Extremity joint immobility
  • Feeling of numbness or tingling sensations in extremity joint
  • Extremity joint freezing, locking or catching

The goal of our extremity adjustments is it to restore the connection between your body and brain, which enables proper functioning of the body.

Visceral Manipulation at Homberg Chiropractic and Wellness

Visceral manipulation is an innovative and highly sophisticated procedure that involves the adjustment of internal organs such as kidneys, intestines, liver, etc. The visceral manipulation is a gentle technique that helps in improve the functionality as well as structural imbalance in your entire body.

Benefits of Visceral Manipulation

It analyzes and treats the motion and suspension dynamics of soft organs, ligaments, membranes, and fascia. With visceral manipulations, proprioceptive communications within your body are enhanced, which revitalizes your body and relieves the pain symptoms, body dysfunction, and problems of poor posture.

At Homberg Chiropractic and Wellness, Dr. Hennie is a specialist in visceral manipulations. Through this unique and integrative approach, we locate and resolve the functional and structural issues within your body. This technique promotes organ functions, eliminates the effects of stress, enhances mobility, and influences your metabolism through the improvement of natural body mechanism.

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