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We Can Help Relieve your Pain if you Understand these Five Things

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Referred pain

At Homberg Chiropractic, your Knoxville chiropractor, we treat everything from back, neck and knee pain to carpal tunnel syndrome to sinus issues and everything in between. To diagnose your pain properly and treat your issues effectively, here are five things we need you to understand about your pain.

1) The area of pain may not be the cause of the pain. This is also known as referral pain. You might have an issue with your low back, which then presents itself as knee pain. Or mis-alignment in your neck could be causing your headaches.

2) When the body is in pain, it is in a crisis. Pain is the last thing to show up. It’s the body’s way of crying for help. You’re likely to have mis-alignment in your spine, way before you feel any pain. That’s why it’s important to visit Homberg Chiropractic for regular maintenance.

3) Only treating the area of pain is a disservice. Refer to item number one. You might visit our office complaining of knee or ankle pain, which we can treat. But it’s likely that the pain in those areas is being caused by a subluxation in the low back. Therefore, if we only focus on the knee or ankle area, we are not treating the root of your pain.

4) Pain is the last thing to show up and the first thing to go away. Refer to item number two. Remember, pain is our body’s cry for help. Once you visit Homberg Chiropractic and we discover the root cause of your issue, we are going to treat it and it’s likely to relieve your pain. However, the actual issue has been going on a lot longer than you realize and has affected many of the areas around it. Therefore, the end of pain, does not mean a cure to the problem.

5) Long-term success requires long-term commitment. As I’ve mentioned before, think of your body as you do your car. Your car needs regular maintenance to operate correctly and your body needs regular maintenance to operate effectively. Maintenance care also prevents minor injuries from becoming permanent and allows for improved posture, enhanced function, and better endurance and athletic performance.

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